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The desired format of the final layout:

Press Quality PDF, Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4) 

The open-type formats of the final layout:

Adobe InDesign SC-CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS-CS-5

If the submitted files need additional processing and/or adjustments when preparing for printing, layout design costs will be included in an invoice upon prior agreement with the customer.

Files may be sent to: (up to 5 MB),; Files may be submitted in the following data carriers: DVD, CD, Flash memory stick or any other USB or Fire Wire data carriers.

The most typical mistakes made by print layout designers:

1. The RGB colour values left in a layout 

2. Low resolution of images

3. No bleeds 

4. The document has not been centred 

5. Overprint enabled for white colour, as a result of which the white objects are lost during printing 

6. The use of transparency effects which have not been flattened or adjusted for raster layers. It is particularly important to do that (Flatten Transparency) if the transparency effect with Spot colours and overprints is used, as well as when the transparency effect is used on another transparency effect or in combination with other effects such as Drop Shadow etc. 

7. Incorrectly adjusted effects may look differently on a printed material than those on the screen  

8. Unnecessary overprint settings. As a result, colours may look differently on a printed material than those on the screen

If a print layout designer has not eliminated these mistakes before file submission, any objections in this regard will not be accepted after printing. It is not always possible to spot such mistakes before printing, even though we check the files and notify of any errors therein as long as they can be found. For this reason we kindly ask the print layout designers to pay special attention to these common mistakes and eliminate them before sending files, since most often it is the main reason for unexpected flaws in the end product.

We assume no liability whatsoever for the mistakes left by the print layout designers

FTP details:


Username: viesis 

Password: druka 


To upload files on our server, please note the following: 

You may upload only single or archived files. It is recommended to compress files in a ZIP or RAR archive before uploading.
NO FOLDERS may be uploaded!

The name of the file or archive may not exceed 32 symbols and shall not contain any special diacritical marks such as: / \ š č etc. (must not be included in the file name).

Should you have any questions or queries, please contact our repro service specialists by phone 67566248 or e-mail